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Image hosting!

Today, when digital cameras displaced the once popular cameras, millions of their happy owners often wonder about two difficult questions: where to store thousands of their photos securely and how better (and easier!) to share them with friends. Of course, it’s possible to save the masterpieces on disks, but the second option is more difficult – sending "bulk" photos sometimes requires placing them in a multivolume archives, turning into a real bothering. It is much easier and cheaper to find a free image hosting, where you can "lease" a place to upload your images, and they will be safely stored for years until you need it.

Photo hosting can boast the following advantages:

  • you can upload pictures and store them in any quantity, and you will have access to them everywhere where the Internet access is;
  • you can browse your photos in different sizes;
  • free photo hosting allows you to create photo albums for the general public;
  • additionally, image hosting allows you to lay out photo albums, protected from free access by password;
  • private image hosting provides the ability to post photos to social networks, just clicking on the button;
  • you can easily protect your posted images from the possibility of copying them by strangers;
  • Russian image hosting allows you to tag a copyright sign for your own photos.
  • So, Photography website hosting – is a great choice for everyone!

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