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Among all very popular photo editors the closest to the ideal of universally recognized Photoshop by latitude functionality is a service SumoPaint. Multifunctional Sumo Paint photo editor besides the basic image editing tools has many other "chips". A heavy at first glance interface has absolutely no effect on the speed of editor’s functioning.

As well as in desktop photo editors, you can drawing online and work simultaneously with several files. Sumo Paint online is capable of much more than crop, flip and resize image online! In addition to the layer’s application, Sumo Paint Editor has really "rich" opportunities, such as the imposition of a beautiful shadows or outer glow. Tools in the form of various kinds of brushes and inks offer you the widest variety of textures and shapes. The application can also boast the most popular among users filters, improved text and other settings. To start working with Sumo Paint editor it is not necessary to register, however, the creation of a free account allows you to save your photos to the Internet network and participate a unique community "Sumo Paint", where you will be able to show your own work and evaluate the results of others.

For a good work we recommend to use browser Chrome or FireFox!
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