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Drawing online

Funny Sketchpad drawing online - is a very fun program for lovers of creative drawing and experimentation! In fact, Sketchpad - is a virtual tool through which you can do all sorts of drawings and inscriptions by the lightweight fingers’ stresses on the screen of the device.

You can draw online selecting colors and brushes to express your own mood, to do the stylish black-and-white and iridescent masterpieces. Sketchpad online paint having a pleasant and friendly to all interface makes it easy to save your "works of art". And then, if you wish, you can share your creativity with the world through social networks.

Among the features of an application:

  • there is no advertising;
  • painting online allows you to set your sketch as a wallpaper on your desktop;
  • there are sixteen brushes for every taste;
  • available canvas sizes of various kinds - from two hundred forty to three hundred and twenty to eight thousand two hundred eighty on;
  • there is Sketch tool for size controlling;
  • you can open a previously saved photos and sketches, etc.
  • For a good work we recommend to use browser Chrome or FireFox!
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