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PhotoCat online photo editor!

Web photo editor, collage maker, retouch

Despite the name associated with cats, PhotoCat editor allows to transform not only the images of baleen-striped, but any other animate and inanimate objects. For this web photo editor has a truly extensive functionality by which you can easily edit portraits, add bright colors in the scenery and many others.

PhotoCat online works in most modern browsers, and is the special app of Facebook. Its set of tools are able to meet the basic needs of editing, including retouch, adjusting colors and brightness, cropping and image rotation, resize, tilt, etc. In addition, this online photo editor allows you to use a collage maker, add graphics, text and various photo effects to photographic works. If you wish to process artistic pictures, you can experiment with 26 interesting effects - add retro mood, ennoble it with thin photo effects, or add creative effects using pencil drawing, pastel or charcoal.

PhotoCat photo editor allows you to cancel the last action during editing pictures, repeat it again, return to the original or compare with it at any time.

For a good work we recommend to use browser Chrome or FireFox!
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