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Over 60 cool effects

If you are keen on taking photo using webcam and want your photos to be unusual and bright, take into service ComicWebCam application. Having a friendly interface and more than a simple-to-use ComicWebCam online is a webcam that will allow you to take snapshots via the installed a webcam on your PC, embellishing them with preset effects that are stored in a single click. It’s very fun to spend time with this editor as you can share original photos with your friends via Facebook.

Before you start working with ComicWebCam online, you need to give permission to use your webcam. Once the program receives it, you will see yourself on the monitor. Then you will choose the photo effect by clicking on the respective button and take a picture.

Funny webcam photo effects – it is more than six dozen fun photo filters through which you can not simply adjust the color saturation, brightness and contrast settings by the panel at the top of the screen, but also apply a mirror photo effect, make the square or kaleidoscopic image, etc. Comic web camera effects allows you to make a snapshot of a single tap on the camera icon with a 3 seconds delay.

For a good work we recommend to use browser Chrome or FireFox!
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Unfortunately Comic Webcam is not available anymore! We present to you good alternative - iPiccy © 2019 All that you need for editing your photos online!
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