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FotoFlexer photo editor online!

Photo frames, effects, filters, webcam, retouch, fonts, shapes

Easy to use FotoFlexer photo editor online without exaggeration can be called "advanced" tool for processing of photos and other bitmaps. FotoFlexer allows not only to improve but also to embellish pictures to your liking.

The functional of FotoFlexer editor for the convenience of users is distributed across the tabs. The tab "Basic" contains tools for primary processing of images - automatic editing, retouch and correction of "red eye", it allows you to remove blemishes, crop, resize, rotate or create a mirror image, adjust brightness and contrast of colors.

There is a couple of dozen of various artistic photo filters which you can find in FotoFlexer “Photo Effects”, with the help of them you can not only change hair color online, or change eye color online, but also add all sorts of stylish details and figures to the picture. Such an amazing experiments are waiting for you in the "Decorate" tool, it allows to download photos from your PC or make various webcam photo frames, a beautiful stickers, fonts, shapes, and others.

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FotoFlexer official website - http://fotoflexer.com
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